Making Exaggerated Claims for GM Crops Fr. Seán McDonagh, SSC (April 6th 2009)

Proponents of genetically engineered crops often accuse their opponents of basing their arguments against the technology on sentiment rather than science.  The truth is that it is often the pro-GM lobby that base their arguments on emotions.  The make exaggerated claims for their products and market them in such a way that a person would need to be particularly callous not to support the technology.  The classic example is the feed the world argument.  Proponents point to the fact that the population is the world is growing and without need land to grow crops, the only way to increase crop yield is by recombinant genetic technology.

In 1992, Monsanto’s chief executive at the time,  Robert Shapiro, used this argument in a long interview with Joan Magretta of the Harvard Business Review. It would appear from the  interview that Monsanto’s primary goal was the alleviation of poverty and hunger, rather than making massive profits.  This

The same


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